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Despise the Perceived Unimportant Details 2

Should I smile knowingly or should I smirk?

Its amusing and its ironical.

My student asked me how I can move fast so easily. I said its a function of using the tailbone, basically Tai Chi Classics 101.

He seemed surprised to hear the answer and asked how to train it.

That’s when I said I had already taught it to him in the first lesson but ironically its the one movement he more often than not leave out when showing me his form.

See what I mean? Don’t despise the seemingly unimportant details…….



Author: ZenMindSword

Mushin is a practitioner, researcher and trainer for Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. He is also author of The Ip Man Koans, The Ip Man Questions and TaijiKinesis series of eBooks, as well as co-author of Complete Wing Chun.

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