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Fajing in Tai Chi

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In another post, I mentioned about losing interest in Wing Chun fajing particularly the method of GM Tsui Seung Tin that I was once fervently in praise of.

GM Tsui’s Wing Chun power is said to be based on the use of intention. Interestingly, the Tai Chi method of GM Wei is also based on the use of intention. If such is the case then a display of the use of intention to issue power would be similar but is it really?

Below we can compare the fajing demo of GM Tsui from my other post to that of Xie Shoude, a former disciple of GM Wei who unfortunately was kicked out of the lineage. However, this does not mean that Xie has not learned anything. Take a look and see if both masters demo of the use of intention is really what each claimed it to be.




Author: ZenMindSword

Mushin is a practitioner, researcher and trainer for Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. He is also author of The Ip Man Koans, The Ip Man Questions and TaijiKinesis series of eBooks, as well as co-author of Complete Wing Chun.

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