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Had a funny conversation this afternoon at a work site.

My customer said he saw my FB page and asked about what I did.

Then he said I didn’t look strong so he was curious if I had the power.

Ha, ha…. muscular power no but force….

I banged my forearm against the metal railing a few times to demonstrate what I meant as it was a noisy environment.

Then I asked him for his arm and gave it a light tap with my forearm and he yelped in pain. He was surprised that I could dish out that type of hurt.

Moral of the lesson – never judge a book by its cover.


Author: ZenMindSword

Mushin is a practitioner, researcher and trainer for Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. He is also author of The Ip Man Koans, The Ip Man Questions and TaijiKinesis series of eBooks, as well as co-author of Complete Wing Chun.

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