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The Mind Inside Tai Chi – Review 4

Continuing with the review on 2.3 Qi.

The author wrote that “The first element of mind approach in practicing taijiquan is qi.” I find this very strange. Shouldn’t the first element to using the mind be intention? We always say “no Yi, no Qi” but never “no Qi, no Yi“. I feel that the author has not explained Qi ……click here to continue reading.

Learning Tai Chi


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Muscle Me 2

In the first post Muscle Me I didn’t mention anything on what muscling someone is like.

In the video below you can see an example of muscling someone looks like.

When you try to muscle someone you are trying to pit your strength directly against him. If he is weaker than you then no issue. However, if he is stronger then you have to use a lot more strength to move him. This is not efficient use of strength.

If you want to move someone easily you have to find a smarter way to do it. For a change in the video we are exploring how to use the 5-Points to unbalance and send our training partner off. 

In the video above, I am using the 2nd movement from our 13-movement form specifically GST(iii) to GST(vii) as shown on page 138, TaijiKinesis Vol 2. We are exploring a more physical application of the biomechanics explained and illustrated on page 151-152.

Learning fajing requires a lot of hands-on finetuning. As simple as the method used here it is still not as easy to grasp without a good foundation. You can push someone away from you using forward momentum but to literally shoot someone away like an arrow requires a better use of the body to leverage its strength and prime it to release force like a bow. An example is right at the end of the video below.